The SplashGard™ system is a dual-component specialized coating and structural reinforcement solution specifically designed for use in wet or submerged conditions. SplashGard™ consists of two components: SplashBond™ Adhesive and Splash Wrap, a fiberglass cloth impregnated with moisture cured urethane (MCU) resin. The innovative corrosion barrier system can be applied underwater and adheres easily to wet steel surfaces. It not only arrests corrosion and wave action, but also provides structural reinforcement, making it an ideal option for use on risers.

Mechanical Properties
Attribute–Tensile Strength
Method– ASTM D3039
Value– 51,800 psi

Attribute–Tensile Modulus
Method–ASTM D3039
Value–3.01 x 106 psi

Attribute– Poisson’s Ratio
Method– ASTM D3039

Thermal Properties
Attribute– Thermal Expansion
Method– ASTM E831
Value– 10.2 μm/m/°C

Attribute– Heat Distortion Temperature
Method– ASTM D648
Value– 205 °C

Attribute– Max Operating Temperature
Method– ASME PCC-2
Value– 185 °C

Attribute– Application Temperature
Value– -50°F to 120°F -46°C to 49°C

System Properties
Attribute– Ply Thickness
Value– 22 mils (0.022 inches)

Attribute– Working Time
Value– 20 – 30 minutes

Attribute– Set Time
Value– 2 hours

Attribute– Cure Time
Value– 24 hours

Attribute– Shelf Life
Value– 1 year with proper storage

Attribute– Stocked Sizes
Value– From 2″ X 12′ to 12″ X 90′

Oil, Gas & Industrial

1. Surface Preparation1.png
Remove all soft coatings and media blast the pipe to provide an anchor pattern (NACE 1 preferred). On dry surfaces, wipe the surface with a solvent such as Acetone, Toluene, or MEK. For structural repairs, mix and apply filler putty or paste to any defects.

2.Apply SplashBond
Mix equal parts of the SplashBond™ Epoxy Primer until uniform. Apply the primer to the pipe surface as instructed. Allow the primer to sit until a “peanut butter” thickness is achieved.

3.Apply SplashWrap
Follow the wrapping instructions for Pipe Wrap™ or A+ Wrap™, as applicable for the repair.

4.Apply SplashBond Outer Coat
Allow the material to cure. Then, mix and apply a coating of SplashBond™ as an outer coating.

Oil, Gas & Industrial